Caledonia Lodge No.68

Bro. Ian Bullock ProvGStwd

The Worshipful Master of Caledonia has appointed and invested me as the Lodge Charity Steward. The Jewel of My Office is the Trowel. Its use in building a structure, is to spread cement and points out to us that nothing in that building can be united without proper cement. Indeed, the perfection, strength and beauty of every edifice is dependent on the quality and disposition of that cement.

In like fashion, the cement of Caledonia Lodge is Charity, that bond of perfection and social union which joins separate minds and separate interests. Caledonia Lodge I believe has principle of universal benevolence, that spreads out to every part of the Brotherhood and from there into the community as a whole.

As a Lodge our relief chest has always been there when we have need it to support festivals and local charities. This is only possible due to the hard work and continued keen support of these functions held throughout the year by the lodge members and friends.

I am charged by the Worshipful Master to use the Trowel of My Office with empathy and care to reawaken those feelings towards Charity which are central to our Masonic way of life and so fulfill the promise we all made at our Initiation.

"through our charitable work, and openness about it, the world may know the happy and beneficial effects of Freemasonry."